The biggest discussions were about what we need to take with us. We have to have something, but it will not be huge luggage, that is for sure. More of an ex-husband style. Meaning plastic bag and a tooth brush. What to put there, though? Radek insist that all he is going to take will be on him and a passport, money and single spare underwear in a small shoulder bag 🙂 You can’t really take much, but we are listing below what we consider taking with us.

We are taking with us

  • Flight ticket

  • Invitation letter

  • 2x passport

  • Cash

  • Credit or debit card

  • 3 x photos for Visa

  • Back pack

  • Water-proof bag for documents and cash

  • Passport scan

  • Hard shoes

  • Hoodie

  • Long trousers (sun protection)

  • Basic First-Aid kit (for minor injuries, scratches, bruises, some antibiotics, etc. Remember, it’s hot and humid there)

  • Socks + warm ones for the flight

  • Underwear

  • 3 x T-shirt. One of them on us

  • Swimming suit

  • Shorts

  • Small towel

  • Personal hygiene (we are not going to shave, though)

  • Mobile phone + charger

  • Digital camera + charger

  • Video camera (GoPro, etc.) + charger

  • Power bank

  • Selfie stick

  • Swiss knife

We plan to buy in Vietnam

  • Light raincoat in a street or supermarket

  • Light full length sleeves coat as sun protection

  • Shirts

  • Socks

  • Head protection – hat, boater, etc.

  • Food

  • Drinks

  • Sun glasses

  • Helmet

What not to forget before the trip

  • Passport scan, saved on Google Drive or similar

  • Vaccination check

  • Visit dentist